Multi-line vim command

What is normal command?

"startTime": "09:30",
"finishTime": "10:15",
"totalTime": "45m",
"amount": "$8.82",
  1. Enter visual mode
  2. Select all the lines
  3. Press <Shift+;>. You’ll see :'<,'>
  4. Type :'<,'>normal 0diWx and hit Enter
  5. The text changes to below
  • 0: Moves the cursor to the start of the line
  • diW: Deletes the WORD that is defined by a sequence of non-blank characters
  • x: Deletes the space after the colon




Technologist, yogi, book-worm and wine lover!

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Hangjit Rai

Hangjit Rai

Technologist, yogi, book-worm and wine lover!

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